Ramon Bilbao Gran Single Vineyard

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More information about this wine:
Name: Ramon Bilbao Single Vineyard
Country of origin: Spain
Type of wine: Red wine
Grape: Tempranillo and Garnacha
Characteristics: A round and luscious wine.

A deeply coloured red wine with the smell of black fruit, in which you can detect a bouquet of brambles, strawberries and blackcurrants as well as aromatic herbs and a hint of vanilla. The flavour is round and luscious, and you can almost taste the sun on the slopes and the cool nights in the mountains were the grapes were grown, with a beautiful finish in length and flavour. This wine is a prominent example of the modern Rioja wines. During the production process the wine is carefully fermented in stainless steel tanks with a constant temperature control. The wine is left to ripen in barrels made out of oak wood for some time and after 6 months of ripening the wine is bottled and left for another 6 months to mature before it can be sold.

A flavoursome suggestion
An excellent new Rioja, lovely with a wide variety of dishes like roast meat, tapas, wild game and mature cheeses. Also very delicious to drink in between meals.

About this wine
In the heart of Spain’s best known wine region, Ramón Bilbao owns a vineyard near the town of Tudellia, one of the best places for the production of wine in the Rioja Alta region. Ramón Bilbao has a wine house with a long history that dates back to the beginning of the last century. In this 30 year old vineyard, situated up-high in the mountains, an unusual interaction between the owner of the vineyard and nature itself takes place.

At 700 metres high the soil is poor and filled with gravel, this acts as an isolating layer and is an ideal ground to cultivate the Tempranillo and the Garnacha grape. The cool nights high-up in the mountains give this grape a fine acidity, resulting in a full-grown grape with a unique flavor, constituted by the warm winds from the dry Sierra de Cantabria and a Mediterranean wind from the south.
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